Small Group Travel

For several years now, I’ve been working with my friend Sheila Campbell, the founder of Wild Blue Yonder, to organize and lead small group trips to France.  Small meaning more than six and less than eighteen people.  We’ve collaborated with Politics & Prose, a well known book shop in Washington, DC on a number of them and have done several just on our own.

If you have a group of friends you like to travel with and aren’t able to handle all the ins and outs of a week in Paris, consider talking with us.  We can coordinate with you to find a hotel, choose activities and nail down the details.  And of course, while you’re here, you’d have one (or possibly both of us, it depends on the size of your group) with you for part of every day.

Send one or both us an email: or

Although every trip varies depending on what’s happening right then, click on this photo to view a sample itinerary:

Champs de Mars

Sample Itinerary

Comments of past participants:

“I loved every aspect of this trip. I appreciated that we had choices every day, some structure in the morning and then free time in the afternoon. I appreciated that I didn’t have to purchase a single supplement.”

“Donna’s knowledge of Paris in general, and the more obscure stories and history in particular, made this a wonderful educational experience.”

“It was a great blend of choice and pace in Paris, a place of culture so visible – food, places, Metro/people. Overall, our leaders understood how we are adults who learn – great work!”

“It was wonderful being back in Paris and being able to explore the city with a new group of friends. I loved hearing everyone’s daily stories and Paris insights.”

“The information prior to the trip was helpful. Overall, this was most pleasant – benefits of a group without the burdens (i.e., tour buses…).”

“The combination of guided excursions in the morning and freedom in the afternoon. I also love the choices of places that Sheila and Donna selected – all special and beautiful.”