Donna, I can't tell you how much we all LOVED spending the afternoon with you. All 5 of us agreed it was the highlight of our trip AND really helped start our Paris visit in the perfect way. We had so much more confidence navigating the city, the Metro, etc. after spending time with you. Several times over our visit someone would say, I wish we had more time with Donna! We'll just have to come back!

Donna, This was our first trip to Paris and you provided a memorable experience that our family will never forget. We were so happy that we took the recommendation to book with you. We loved everything about our tour, from the roof-top view of Paris (a big favorite) to the shops, cafes (snails were also a big favorite), places of worship and so much more than we expected. We saw so many sites in the short time that we were in Paris. Thanks again for giving us an awesome tour! Merci, Merci, Merci.

— Porter Family

Ken and I want thank you for helping us plan such a fun trip to Paris! By convincing us to plan ahead, we were able to just show up and start enjoying. And after meeting you, we felt that we had a true friend in Paris! Thank you so much for making us feel at home in your adopted country. And please tell Iris how much we loved our chocolate tour!

— C. Pettus, New York

We are back home after a magical trip to France! Hope all is well with you as you share your bountiful knowledge of the city with other lucky folks. When you come back to the States for a visit, we would love to see you!

— A. Rhyne, North Carolina

We had a fabulous time! You were the best, I have sent your link to several people who may travel to Paris this year.

— H. Green, North Carolina

We voted you best guide of the trip!!! It was so much fun spending the day with you...we learned a ton and saw many things in Paris we would not have experienced. The bike tour was awesome and our time in France was a whirlwind. We can't wait to visit again!

— Carr Family

I've finally have come up for air since arriving back home and so wanted to take a minute to thank you again for our wonderful two day whirl through Paris with you. Your guidance and knowledge so enhanced our visit. Plus, you are just so darn fun!

— J. Parke

Donna you truly made our Paris trip a wonderful experience! We had a fabulous time and will not forget the tips and fun we had with the wine tasting. Your suggestion of champagnes was enjoyed at a gathering of friends Sunday night. We also enjoyed the cheeses and my brother-in-law ate the strong brie ☺. We will recommend you to all Americans traveling to Paris!

— A. Wiggins, Tennessee

Donna – it has been a real pleasure getting to know you. We really appreciate your kindness and shared knowledge of negotiating Paris. You are delightful and fun – we feel that we have known you for much longer than a few days! Thank you for a great visit.

—  John and Huntie, North Carolina

Some of my family and I went on a wine tasting tour with Donna Morris one evening. We visited three cavistes and had wine at each place. It was fantastic! We had a nice progression from bubbly to deep red (last stop). Donna is very easy-going and entertaining and provides a glimpse of how the local Parisians buy and drink their wine. I would definitely do Donna’s tour next time I visit Paris.

— A. Parker, Posted on Trip Advisor

Hi Donna! We just went through our photos with my sister in law and nieces, SO FUN reliving it all! What a wonderful afternoon with you leading the way in Montmartre. You somehow managed to get us in to see a lot of wonderful things and experience the neighborhood, it's amazing because it felt like we were at a pretty reasonable pace. We wouldn't have accomplished all of that on our own, so again, much thanks to you!!!

— S. Furlong

When I told a friend of mine from New York I was going to Paris… she exclaimed.. you must contact my friend, Donna Morris!!! Traveling alone, as a single woman, who speaks mediocre French, I was excited to find a woman whose business catered exactly to my needs. Donna will find what you are looking for in the world’s most beautiful City. She put me in touch with a B&B, which was perfect in every way and we shopped for vintage clothing at resale shops I would never have found on my own. Her company is delightful and her knowledge of getting around Paris is immense. Plus she is simply so much fun to be with… you forget you have hired someone and feel that she has been your friend for years.

— A. Hewett, Maryland

"Thank you so much Donna. We had an absolute ball with you. It really made our time in Paris special."

We just wanted to say thank you again, we had such a lovely time with you last Saturday–it was a highlight of our trip. On Sunday we had a picnic in Champ de Mars and Sue had rosé again! The tasting changed her habits! Again, it was such a joy to have met and spent the evening with you. May God bless you for your hospitality and welcoming hearts.

— Jay and Sue, Milwaukee

Thank you Donna for a wonderful day and helping us get oriented on our first trip to Paris! We loved the trip to Montmartre, visiting Sacre Coeur, the artists' in the square and the lovely lunch. And then more! Learning the bus lines and the orientation of the city, seeing the Louvre and other spots. I think there are quite a few Paris visitors who would like to see museums the way you showed us the Louvre - top ten pieces, seen in an hour. Even if you had given us the list, we couldn't have navigated so efficiently without you.The rest of the guidance you provided for our additional days in Paris was invaluable. You helped us get a true flavor for Paris and it made the rest of our visit so enjoyable.

— P. Pearson

Donna, it was so fun being with you! You’re a great insider guide and made my day in Paris magical. I loved being a local and not a tourist and really felt like I had a true friend in Paris. Can’t wait to come back!

— M. Cunningham, Washington, DC

I don’t have the words to tell you how much I appreciate all that you did for us. The girls loved every minute with you and so did I. You were the highlight of our wonderful trip, the most beautiful memories forever. Thank you and au revoir until we meet again.

— S. Snyder

We loved our time with you.....It was perfect.

— P. Wilson, North Carolina

Thanks so much for organizing all of our recommended sites into tours with you and places we could see/do on our own. We enjoyed spending time with you and taking advantage of your insights and perspectives on the different areas of Paris. We particularly enjoyed the Wilson Market; we felt like locals! Thanks so much for your guidance; you were a tremendous help in so many ways! We'll be sure to keep in touch, as we'll undoubtedly be back and want you to join us again when we return!! Thanks, again and our best wishes!!

— A. Muchin, 2016

Any guide can read a history book and point to the landmarks of Louis XIV and Napoleon. Donna showed us (shared really) the real Paris; the streets, shops and restaurants that make this city so special. And, it was all in great fun with shared wit and a sense of adventure at each corner. Donna attended to all our requests and helped us enjoy a few days in Paris that we will remember for many years. As Paris is a special city, so too, Donna is a special person – truly, our new best friend in Paris.

— Ray and Melanie, Virginia

Thanks again for the great tour of Paris! We were able to move confidently through the Metro and bus system, the city itself and Vernon/Giverny, thanks to your help. What a breathtaking city! I can certainly see why you love living there. We had amazing experiences at the Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Center, Arc de Triomphe, Le Marais, the EURO 2016 FanZone and so much more. Again, your tips regarding how to use our museum pass and helping us get advance tickets for the Monet house and gardens saved us HOURS waiting in line. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends who are planning a visit to Paris. Your advice and friendly suggestions were priceless!

— B. Clauss

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for spending a day with us sharing your passion for French wine and cheese! It was a truly memorable experience for my family to explore Paris in a new way. We will certainly recommend your personal touch and expertise to our friends and family. You are a wonderful best friend in Paris.

— K. Staible, Paris

Thanks again for being our “Best Friend in Paris” we truly enjoyed the day and your companionship!

— A. Curtain, Australia

We arrived home full of energy with wonderful stories of our adventures to share. Your website name is perfect for you....Best Friend in Paris!!! You where so helpful with everything and I am so happy I found you.

— M. Boutzoukas, Florida

All the nice things I wrote and those I read on your website comments from others are so true. Our time together shopping and talking was the highlight of my Parisian adventure. You have a unique gift of making people feel important and liked.

— G. Deutsch, Maryland